Sonic Spaces

This project represents an exploration and discovery of sonic spaces with the bass clarinet center stage. Each piece takes its own shape and occupies a unique place in sonic space. Engage personally and emotionally in its sounds, but also understand the objective acoustic nature of each work. The sole aim is to create a point of departure, in order to provide and generate dialogue, discussion, and a way forward towards refinement and reinvention.


      Midnight Choirs [5min]


      ‘Midnight choirs’ (2014) is on the technical level conceived almost entirely as an algorithm of intervalic cells - technique I developed and expanded over the last few years. This is however done only in order to achieve coherent and expressive structure. It draws influences from traditions of folkloric singing and buzzing of evening cicadas. Melodic lines played by bass clarinet are multiplied with live processing of the pitch and spectrum to form cascades of choirs. Dedicated to Marij van Gorkom. Written with support of the Performing Arts Fund Netherlands.


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